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24/7, our mission is to help local businesses thrive in our communities.

For over 146 years, the River Valley Media Group has played a vital role in the prosperity of the towns and cities we call home. It’s essential reading to understand the people, places, issues and events that affect our quality of life.

Today, we offer more products online and in print than ever before, reaching more than 82% of the audience in western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota.  group wide. And now you can reach this highly desirable market with an affordable solution that has produced outstanding results for thousands of businesses.

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Forward La Crosse :
A Special Publication


Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate the revival of business in downtown La Crosse.

The La Crosse Tribune will publish a very special section on Sunday, June 25th to share the stories of  incredible growth in downtown La Crosse. Your business can celebrate your success in this keepsake section while reaching over 53,000 readers by advertising in this very special section!

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Is your business ranking on Google?


Search Engine Marketing or SEM (Paid Search, PPC or Google Ads) is an effective marketing platform to increase sales with your business.

Every day, there are literally thousands of local searches for your products and services. How many of these customers are finding your website?

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Six Ways to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing


Free Email Marketing Guide for Super Charging your Business!

As a small business owner, I am obsessed with email marketing! Why?

Because when done correctly, email marketing can be an essential lifeline
for your business.

In a world where people are increasingly more selective in what
advertising they consume, email is still a powerful and inexpensive way to
share your message, establish credibility and expertise, and close business.
Even the elusive millennial generation still rely on email. In fact, 70% of
millennials check their emails from bed and 57% check their email from the

Download Our Free Email Guide
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Need some more ideas?

Most people think it's expensive, but it's really not.

In our constantly connected multi-screen world, it’s increasingly challenging for local businesses to stay in front of their potential customers. Modern consumers are being bombarded with messaging and advertising throughout their busy lives. From constantly connected smart devices to satellite radio and video streaming services, your customers are consuming advertising everywhere they go, on every device. Buying advertising across all these platforms can get very expensive, especially if you want to make an impact in each one. We’ll help you change that.

That’s why we’ve combined the very best of our advertising platforms into one package for the most cost-effective, and powerful advertising package ever.
We call it EDISON.

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We've demystified digital marketing.

From being found on Google to remaining relevant in social media, our team of digital marketing experts has the skills to execute our entire product suite in-house. Our experts will ensure each component of your marketing works as a cohesive unit, supporting your brand and working together to increase your sales and bottom line.

We specialize in target display, search marketing, social media, web and app development, email marketing and all creative and fulfillment of necessary assets.

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Reach more than 8 out of 10 adults by advertising in print and online. 

The River Valley Media Group is the premier provider of advertiser and reader information – both digital and print – in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota.

Our heritage goes back to 1855 and includes the second-oldest continually published newspaper in Minnesota.

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