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La Crosse Tribune

There were two newspapers in La Crosse at the turn of the 20th century, and neither wrote about one of the biggest stories in the city – the consolidation of electric utilities that resulted in customer rates that nearly doubled.

The anger of citizens and journalists with those newspapers led to the formation of the La Crosse Tribune, which tackled the story with its first edition on May 16, 1904.

Today,  the La Crosse Tribune and lacrossetribune.com reach 83% of the market through our 7 day a week newspaper and 24/7 online news and information website.

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Winona Daily News

Capt. Sam Whiting made history on Nov. 20, 1855, when the steamboat skipper wrote in the first edition of the Winona Republican about the first time he laid eyes on Sugar Loaf, Winona’s iconic peak. That first edition was published before Minnesota achieved statehood and became the second-oldest continually published newspaper in the state. The predecessor to the Winona Daily News grew from weekly to daily in 1857.

 Many other newspapers came and went – and some merged to survive. The White family bought the Republican-Herald in 1926 and eventually dropped the party affiliation and renamed the newspaper the Winona Daily News on June 21, 1954.

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Chippewa Herald

The Chippewa Herald has been serving the city of Chippewa Falls and Chippewa County since 1870.

 The Herald is the second-oldest business in the city – founded just three years after Jacob Leinenkugel began his brewery.

The Herald has been operating as a daily newspaper since 1894. For decades it was known as the Herald-Telegram. It dropped the Telegram from its name and added a Sunday newspaper in the 1990s, when it also unveiled Chippewa.com, which is one of the leading news sites in the Chippewa Valley.

The Herald switched to morning publication in 2013 and is published Saturdays through Thursdays.

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