DIY Social Dashboard

How many social media profiles does your business have? Save time by managing them more efficiently.

Social Media Dashboard allows you greater flexibility over your social content throughout the web.

You’ve spent a lot of time getting your business setup on all the latest social media platforms, but now the challenge is maintaining all those accounts. We’ve created a proprietary Social Media Dashboard that will help you manage your accounts more efficiently and in less time.

With our Dashboard, you can bring together multiple social media platforms in one place, so you can seamlessly move between your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ feeds without having to log in to each website individually. From here, you can interact with your followers, respond to posts, and schedule new posts.

What makes our Dashboard even more awesome? We scour the web to bring you suggested articles relevant to your industry that you can then share with your audience or use to give you more ideas for new content to share.

  • Features: Control contacts, posting and more from one platform
  • Advantages: Save time and build more consistency across networks
  • Benefits: Stronger, more unified messaging in your social networks.

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