Edison Multimedia Advertising Programs

Most businesses can't afford rich, effective multimedia advertising.
Want want to change that.

In our constantly connected multi-screen world, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for local businesses to stay in front of their potential customers.

Modern consumers are being bombarded with messaging and advertising throughout their busy lives. From constantly connected smart devices to satellite radio and video streaming services, your customers are consuming advertising everywhere they go, on every device.

Buying advertising across all these platforms can get very expensive, especially if you want to make an impact in each one. We’ve set out to change that.

So, how do I effectively keep my business in front of all these customers?

It's  important to harness the power of traditional media with its proven venue of delivering results and combine it with digital media that utilizes the latest technology to find your best customer.

That’s why we’ve combined the very best of our advertising platforms into one package for the most cost effective and powerful advertising package ever. We call it EDISON.


What Can Edison Can Do For You?

Need some more ideas?

Every Edison package comes equipped with the best in digital.


Being found online is no longer something that's just nice to have for your business. It's a need to have.

Our media frequencies keep your business top of mind, all the time.


Frequency keeps your message in front of the consumer and moves them through the buying cycle: