Social Media Management

50 million small businesses use Facebook for business. Are you one of them?

Our team of specialized social media experts will manage your entire social media network.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats! You’re the creative powerhouse, accountant, inventory manager, human resources director, marketing coordinator, IT director, advertising executive, sales team, PR rep, and, on some days, the custodian for your business. You’re To Do List is probably as long as the length of a football field! So, even though you know you “should” be using your Facebook page as part of your marketing efforts, you don’t necessarily have the time. Let us help.

Here at the River Valley Media Group, we have a team of social media experts available to manage your Facebook page (and also your Twitter and Google+, if you’d like). We craft on-brand and on-message posts that drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, more traffic to your store.

No Facebook page? No problem. We can setup a Facebook page for your business that your current and future customers will love.

  • Features: All social media activity handled by a team of experts
  • Advantages: Save time and build more consistency across networks
  • Benefits: Faster responses, better content and marketing

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